JP Display is a privately owned trade show company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. In August 2003, Rick and Jodie Peters started JP Display and produced 20 shows in the first year of their business. After thirteen years in the business, JP Display has established long term relationships with local and national associations and show managements to include: the Utah Dental Association, Stampin’ Up!, Salt Lake International Tattoo Convention, International Sportsmen’s Expo, F-16 & Proven Aircraft/TCG Worldwide Review and proud supporter of Festival of Trees. Our references follow and we would appreciate your further review by contacting them to discover the exceptional level of service JP Display provides.

Facility Information

  • 13 Full time Employees
  • 30,000 square foot warehouse
  • 3 loading/unloading docks
  • 16 – Semi Trailers with Tractor
  • Delivery box trucks
  • Carpenter Shop
  • Fabrication display shop

Capabilities Information

  • Show Management/Event Management services
  • Exhibitor/Vendor services
  • Operational services
  • Labor services
  • Exhibit Booth properties
  • Furniture & accessories
  • Carpeting & floor covering
  • Electrical service & equipment
  • Hard Wall Exhibit System (AGAM)
  • Display & Fixtures
  • Floral / Foliage
  • Cleaning & Janitorial
  • Aerial & Overhead capabilities
  • Graphic/ Signs & Design partners
  • Audio Visual partners
  • Décor partners

Staff Experience & Information

JP Display has over 200 years combined experience and they offer personalized and professional trade show and event services. JP Display has the experience and knowledge to better serve our clients, the show management, the association and the exhibitors alike; in supporting their needs throughout North America. Our goal is to extend the personal touch and know-how for any destination selected for the event.

Jodie Peters, Owner- 13 Years Industry experience

Rick Peters, President – Rick started his career in tradeshows in 1985 and after many years in the industry, pursued his dream of running his own company. Rick has 31 years of experience, knowledge and diligence to offer the best service available in our region.

Jodie Peters
Cell: (801)680-1394

Rick Peters
Cell: (801) 680-0551

Susan Olsen
Sales Manager
Cell: (801) 870-8224

Milt Morgan
Lead Foreman

Jeremy Peters
Production Manager
Cell: (80) 674-3341

Nicole Gray
Customer Service
Cell: (801) 865-7305

Jayson Gray
Production Manager
Cell: (801) 674-8179

Wally Reed
Warehouse Manager

Alexa Peters
Customer Service
(801) 523-7083

Brianna Peters
In-House Decorator

Felicia Morgan
Customer Service/Foreman

James Guzman

Lynn Kelsch

“Our employees appreciate helping each of you make your trade shows more successful."